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Results for Campbeltown, Sat 22nd June 2024


Fastest quarter mile time and the only time under 10sec went to Scott Glen taking his Kawasaki Ninja H2 to a best 9.99sec at 158mph. Seumus Kelly on his Honda Fireblade he won in a competition was 2nd quickest with a 10.40sec at 146mph and 3rd fastest Martin Belan on his Yamaha R1 10.45sec at 140mph.
  In the car class Barry Sutherland took the top spot, the only car under 12secs, with a 11.93sec at 131mph best. Ross Campbell was 2nd quickest with his BMW 335D on 12.21sec at 113mph with Robert Gauld just 6/100ths behind with a 12.27sec at 110mph.
Argyll Mile. In the bikes it was Peter Slater on his Turbo Hayabusa, which incidentally Peter uses as his road bike, ran 234.311mph. Steve Bland, also Turbo Hayabusa, posted a 230.606mph with Scott Glen on his Kawasaki Ninja H2 212.968mph.
  Fastest in a car was Barry Sutherland in the Ultima which managed 184.1mph and Euan McLean, Audi RS3, on 157.509mph.

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