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Speeds for Elvington, Mon 15th April 2024


Peter carried on where he left off at MELBOURNE chipping away on a windy Runway 26 thankfully the wind was west to east which was the way riders and drivers where running.

Peter started off with a steady 225.879mph first run. With slight changes to the Hayabusa, which incidentally Peter runs on the road and MELBOURNE RACEWAY.  He altered his riding technique as well building up to a new PB of 244.368mph, the highest speed of the day.

Dodge was 2nd quickest with a 198.023mph on his first run, unfortunately his 2nd run encounter with an errant hare put a stop to his running, let’s hope his foot makes a full and speedy recovery. It was nice to see new riders among those taking part.

Of the cars Jack Bowley was happy with a run at just over 200mph with a 202.394mph in the Toyota MR2.

2nd was Tony Swale at 188.993mph Nissan GTR again some new drivers showing up.

Tom Swales and Steve Holmes in the wheelie class couldn’t get any meaningful wheelie runs.

Junior, Jack Taylor was running the shorter distance building up to a new personal best at 76.245mph.

Photos: John Bearby Images


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