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About Melbourne Raceway

Well it’s safe to say the drag-racing community, their friends and family, came together and saved this historic racing venue in Melbourne, Yorkshire. But the project continues and the fundraising must be maintained to build on this incredible venue ensuring it’s future, we have a track to race on but the site requires a lot more work. The project continues in 2024.

The last 3 years were amazing for Melbourne Raceway and it’s community. Despite all the difficulties and sadness, we still raced and had some great weekends. So, here’s the plan for this year…

The next phase of fundraising at Melbourne to extend the braking area has been completed but now we are raising funds to tarmac the the pits. You will have seen on social media that work hasn’t stopped and we are now looking to raise £60,000 to complete the next phase in £5,000 lots. The first phase was raised on 23rd September 2022. The 2nd phase was raised the end of February 2023. The 3rd phase was raised 25th June 2023. The 4th phase was raised on 16th July 2023.

Thank you everyone for raising the £45,000 target for the extra braking area. It was greatly appreciated by the competitors the weekend straight after it was laid.

The next target of £60,000 is for getting the pit areas sorted out for all vehicles. £26,000 was raised by the end of 2023. The target has now been reset to £8,000 to the get the tarmacing sorted by mid February 2024.

Pits Target Donations


Donate to Melbourne Raceway

Timing Equipment Donations

The timing fund is an extremely important resource for the UK & International Timing Adjudication as this helps to pay for damaged equipment. Unfortunately from time to time rider incidents often cause catastrophic damage to timing gear and the cost to replace it is extremely high.

We are very fortunate that support from the racing community takes some of the financial pressure off thanks to the donations given at events or by other known payment gateways that means we have money “in the pot” to spend on replacing or repairing equipment. Running events, insurance, staffing, fuel, food and maintenance of vehicles and other resources is an incredible annual cost and additional costs such as having to replace timing equipment has a huge impact on our annual funding and running costs.

Please just click the Tag Heuer logo below to be taken to our donation form.

All donations are gratefully accepted and we cannot express our gratitude to all of you that regularly put money into the Timing Equipment Fund.

Yours in sport, Trevor Duckworth.