Pendine Sands is 7 miles (11 km) of beach on the shores of Carmarthen Bay on the south coast of Wales, stretching west to east from Gilman Point to Laugharne Sands.

The firm flat surface of the beach has been used for Car and Motorbike racing since the early 1900's and was once described as "the finest natural speedway imaginable".

Straightliners Events now host an annual race and record meeting on the sands, bringing racing back to this historic and beautiful part of the UK.

This Event is open to both  Run What you Brung and World Record attempts. Straightliners are Guiness World Record certified time keepers, ensuring your record attempt is staged and timed perfectly. 

Please read the information below before submitting your entry:

Record Attempts

  • In order to attempt a world record, you must hold a Straightliners membership. These are available on our website, or they can be added at the bottom of the entry form. 
  • If you wish to run a extra vehicle, it can be added to your race entry at the bottom of the entry form.
  • If you do not already hold a race licence, please add a single event licence at the bottom of your entry form. 


  • Please select "RWYB" on the class selection on the entry form
  • You DO NOT need to buy a race licence for RWYB


Event Details

Reservations Until:23/09/2021 17:00
Starts on:25/09/2021 08:00
Ends on:26/09/2021 17:00