This event is for anyone who wishes to have a go at a half mile Top Speed either on a bike or in a car.
If you've never done any Top Speed events before, it's a great way to start before trying the mile. It gives you a lot more braking area.

  • For bikers, 1 piece leathers and back protector are a must, with leather boots and gloves and a gold ACU stickered helmet.
  • For car drivers, a helmet is required and legs and arms must be covered.
  • An ACU/IOPD licence is required for this event 

For anyone wishing to camp over there is an 8pm curfew including Friday night!

There are only toilets on site.

No showers. 

Admission is £10 per person per day. Under 16's free.


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Event Details

Reservations Until:07/07/2019 17:00
Starts on:01/01/1970 01:00
Ends on:14/07/2019 16:30