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5 Carr Street - Brighouse - HD6 4AZ +44 (0)7921 712266 +44 (0)7971 172210

Top Speed Tuesday 8/9/20 - Competitor Entry

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For Anyone who wishes to have a go at Top Speed either on a bike or in a car. The runway is 1.9 miles long and the Top Speed is run over a mile from a standing start. 

  • For bikers, 1 piece leathers and back protector are a must, with leather boots and gloves and a gold ACU stickered helmet. No Open Faced Helmets.
  • For car drivers, a helmet is required and legs and arms must be covered.
  • All entrants MUST comply with the noise limit of 103db Maximum.
  • If you wish to enter within the week before or on the day, there is a £25 surcharge.


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Event Details

Reservations Until:07/09/2020 17:00
Starts on:08/09/2020 08:00
Ends on:08/09/2020 15:30