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This prestigious drag strip has been the home of drag racing in the north since the late 70's. A proving ground for some of the greatest Uk drag racers for decades and home to one of the most amazing racing communities.



Melbourne Raceway needs you, we are on a road to recovery for Melbourne but we need the racing community to help us raise £100,000 to lay a new runway!



We need to keep this historic venue open, the history of Melbourne needs to remain. Unfortunately the track has lacked investment for many years and is need of a major overhaul, to the amount of £100,000.


HELP RAISE-£100,000

We are already over 10% of the way into raising the money required to save Melbourne Raceway, the community has acted and their incredible enthusiasm, love and personal actions are raising money as we speak. We have a long way to go but we will save this incredible venue with your help!

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Provisional next event 8th-9th August


Save Melbourne Raceway

Tony Armes
£ 10.00 12 hours ago
Steve Horsfall
£ 100.00 13 hours ago
Nigel Hull
£ 20.00 13 hours ago
Luke Gill
£ 100.00 14 hours ago
Bill Bingley
£ 50.00 14 hours ago
Paul Musselwhite
£ 100.00 15 hours ago
Warren Marshall
£ 20.00 16 hours ago
Lynn Marshall
£ 1,000.00 17 hours ago
Mke Davison
£ 10.00 17 hours ago
Craig Dixon
£ 50.00 18 hours ago
Russell Williams
£ 20.00 19 hours ago
Nick Davies
£ 105.00 20 hours ago
Nick Davies
£ 104.00 20 hours ago
Nick Davies
£ 103.00 20 hours ago
Nick Davies
£ 102.00 20 hours ago
Nick Davies
£ 101.00 20 hours ago
£ 50.00 21 hours ago
Howard Holmes
£ 220.00 1 day ago
Dave Timmins
£ 10.00 1 day ago
Daniel Blight
£ 30.00 1 day ago

Melbourne Raceway (formerly York) is one of the most renowned drag racing strips in the Uk, set-up in the late 70's this track could tell a few stories. The original organisors of this prestigious runway and a family who dedicated decades of their lives running it were the Murty family who deserve the upmost respect and recognition for the work they did, looking after the track and running the events.

With a loyal and dedicated community following, Melbourne Raceway is without doubt a very loved and adored drag-strip that has played a part of so many racers and enthusiasts lives for decades, some people came here with their grandfathers, grandmothers, mums and dads and began racing here themselves where their own children have followed and the cycle continues. Unfortunately Melbourne Raceway closed down in 2017, a heart-breaking development for the community. Straightliners have stepped up to the plate in the hope of helping the community rebuild and bring back Melbourne Raceway, it is incredibly important to the Uk racing community and it deserves to be preserved and kept open for racing. Melbourne Raceway has been such an important venue and the backdrop to some incredible moments in drag racing, it is a part of racing heritage in the Uk and it deserves it's rightful place as the North of England's premier drag-racing venue, we aim to brig it back to life by working with the community.

So, what's next for Melbourne Raceway after our incredibly successful event on the 3rd & 4th Of August in 2019?

We need to raise £100,000 to lay a new runway!

How can you help?
You can donate personally, as a business as a charitable donation, you can create fundraisers under our banner!

Where do I donate?
All donations can be sent directly into our "Save Melbourne Raceway" bank account.
Barclays Bank
Save Melbourne Raceway
Sort: 209898
Account: 13430782

We now have a GoFundMe page:

What happens if we don't reach £100,000?

All donations will be refunded.

I have more questions who do I speak to?
You can e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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