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17th March


Top Speed Tuesdays are our grass roots proving grounds for everyone and anyone to enter. Beginners or seasoned riders all come together to learn, it never stops and that's a fact!

New motor you need to test? A new set-up you're trying to fine tune for a record meeting or just some friends rolling up and spending the day blasting the cobwebs out while having fun. The beauty of TST events is that it's up to you, serious day tweaking and dialling in the settings or a day just ringing your bikes neck or putting your foot to the floor and hammering your car to the finish line, either way you can do it here, legally, as safe as possible and in the company of like minded people who understand each other and why we live for this.

Competitor Info

For Anyone who wishes to have a go at Top Speed either on a bike or in a car. The runway is 1.9 miles long and the Top Speed is run over a mile from a standing start. 

  • For bikers, 1 piece leathers and back protector are a must, with leather boots and gloves and a gold ACU stickered helmet.
  • For car drivers, a helmet is required and legs and arms must be covered.
  • All entrants MUST comply with the noise limit of 103db Maximum.
  • There will be a surcharge for anyone who enters the event after Pre-entry has closed.

Spectator Info

  • Admission is £5 each, under 16s free and anyone who shows their Straightliners membership card spectate free.

Sponsorship Opportunities


1. Full season sponsorship giving full title rights to the event.

2. Individual sponsorship available depending on season sponsorships.

3. Drag Strip lane sponsorship with banners, flags, social media and website marketing, branding on tickets.

Please contact our sponsorship team for more information.

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