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9th & 10th May


Pendine Sands Records has to be one of the most prestigious events on the land speed calendar. On the 25th September 1924, Malcolm Campbell set a land speed record of 146.16mph in his 350bhp Sunbeam car, Bluebird. Ever since then the land speed community have been attempting to break records.

The setting is nothing short of beautiful, the track much alike mother natures white board, as she wipes away the tyre tracks and footprints on this remarkable beach. Legends old and new have raced here knowing the perils and the difficulty in racing on sand. Straightliners Events offer up the course for this incredible meeting of land speed record attempts. Truly, there is not one single other event like this anywhere in the UK. The local village and surrounding area offering plenty to accommodate those who wish to stay for the weekend and watch the weird and the wonderful attempt to place there names in the book of speed, where such iconic hero's of the past left their names for those to follow.

Competitor Info

This is a Top Speed event run at Pendine Sands, Carmarthenshire, South Wales.

The distances competed on will vary depending on the course dictated to by the tides and the sand.  Straightliners runs the Bonneville Classes at this event 

Spectator Info

  • There are restrictions on the beach while racing, the event is free for spectators. (Although the council may charge for taking spectator vehicles on the beach).

Sponsorship Opportunities


1. Full event sponsorship giving full title rights to the event.

2. Complete events branding on social media, website and physical branding at the event. Flags, banners, bunting, etc.

Prices contact our sponsorship team for more information.

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