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The GDPR, 2018 replaces the Data Protection Act in the United Kingdom. Straightliners Ltd and the management team are based in the United Kingdom and therefore have to respect the laws and legislation in this Country.

Prospective Members and Competitors of Straightliners Ltd are invited to complete a Registration and/or Membership form on which each person is asked to provide their name, a mailing address, a postcode, a full contact telephone number which includes national and area code, an e mail ‘address’, emergency details and relevant medical history/allergies. These are all on a signed form (completed annually) when submitted as a ‘hard’ copy.

On each form the following wording will now be given and a tick box provided to ensure that individuals have read and understood the following statement:

“I agree to my details being stored on the Straightliners Ltd database for use within Straightliners/ACU/NORA92 only. Names and vehicle details will be released on results and records for events. We undertake not to disclose this data to other third parties”.

Registration forms for competitors for under 18 will be stored until the individual reaches the age of 23. All Members and Competitors shall inform Straightliners Ltd of any changes to their personal details during their Membership period”.

The Membership Secretary of Straightliners Ltd maintains a digital excel list and database of all who are Members of Straightliners Ltd, held on a personal computer under their control.

This information is held so that Straightliners Ltd can bring together those with a common interest within the broad field of motorsport activity, to invite them to participate in motorsport activities and to keep anyone who wishes to receive information electronically updated on events.

Membership renewal forms are available on the Straightliners Ltd website www.straightliners.events at anytime, but annual membership expires 31st December each year. Renewal of membership requires the membership to be paid but does not require any additional data provided the data remains the same. . This information is collated and added to the excel spreadsheet and database by the Membership Secretary.

This information ensures that there is continuity in membership to Straightliners Ltd throughout the period membership renewal.

Event Entry forms are available on the Straightliners Website and these invite Members and competitors to pre-enter any Straightliners Ltd’s Events. Completion of a signed form is required from each Competitor.

The information for each event is collated by a designated Membership Secretary on an excel spreadsheet and/or database.

Straightliners Ltd undertakes not to disclose any additional personal information that Straightliners Ltd has been provided with to any third party.

A Club Member may ask what information is held by Straightliners Ltd about them, through a request made to the Membership Secretary – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . An answer will be given within 30 days of the receipt of the request.

Should a Member not be satisfied with the manner in which a query has been dealt with then they can apply to the Data Protection Officer for a review.

The following messages have been provided to all Competitors and Members through the website.

General Data Protection Regulation 2018

Straightliners Ltd holds Membership and Competitor records on computer. The record of each Member and/or Competitor is used by the Straightliners Ltd for its own purposes; for mailing the information regarding future events, by postal mail and by electronic mail. Should you wish to make changes to your preferences and your information held on computer, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Protecting Your data

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018 comes into force in late May, to strengthen data protection for individuals within the UK and Europe.

Straightliners Ltd has never and will never pass on your information to any third party.

Provided you have no questions about the information that the Straightliners Ltd holds about you, which allows us to send details out to you regarding events, there is no further action for you to take.

Any questions about the data you have supplied when joining (or since) can be addressed on-line to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by using the postal address on the website.

Information held by Straightliners Ltd with regard to current Members may be circulated either as a print copy, or a dated electronic copy, to one or several Committee Members. These persons will have specific roles to perform as directed by Straightliners Ltd Chairman. There are at present 16 Committee Members all based within the UK. All have seen this document and have agreed to follow the requirements of the GDPR.

1. The ‘protection’ afforded to the (many) personal computers which hold Members data.

PC’s must be password protected by the owner/user, using letters/characters/numerals as suggested, avoiding those which are widely regarded as ‘unsafe’.

An audit of personal computer protection software being used, make and version, will be conducted each year.

All Spreadsheets are to be encrypted and given a password by the originator. (In Excel use File/Info/Encrypt with password command). Users are to ensure that each and every computer, portable drive, USB sticks or any other storage device is dealt with in this manner.

2. Past equipment and any files folders and spreadsheets of information.

If there have been old or outdated computers used and paper documents printed or copied, will be kept for 5 years, except Juniors whose details must be kept until they turn 23, then these will be confirmed as being destroyed.

3. How we deal with past committee Members and post holders after they leave Straightliners Ltd who may have held Members data.

Former post holders who might have retained Members data will be contacted as soon as practicable. Each will be asked to respond to Straightliners Ltd confirming that any STRAIGHTLINERS LTD Member data has now been deleted from computer hard drives, storage devices and that any and all hard copy information has been shredded.

Whether joining by completing a hard copy application form or by joining through Straightliners Ltd’s website, all prospective Members will in future see the following message:

“I agree to my details being stored on the Straightliners Ltd database for use within Straightliners/ACU/NORA92 only. Names and vehicle details will be released on results and records for events. We undertake not to disclose this data to other third parties”.

Agreement with these statements through ticking the “I agree box on the Membership and/or Registration form” will be a demonstration of a Member positively ‘opting in’ to Straightliners Ltd Privacy Policy, which can be made available on request.


Other important information.

The person responsible for Member communication on any matter to do with data held by Straightliners Ltd is the current Membership Secretary.

No later than 5 years after an individual’s Membership has lapsed, that Members data will be removed from Straightliners Ltd electronic database, unless an earlier date has been requested by the leaving Member.

Oversight of Straightliners Ltd data protection policy and Straightliners Ltd management of data held on its Members will be the responsibility of the Data Protection Lead of Straightliners Ltd who is a designated Committee Member and whose details are published on the website.

This document has been approved by the Straightliners Ltd Chairman and Committee 21st May 2018.

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