Straightliners/UK Timing Association – Information Sheet.  IMPORTANT.

Stay Alert – Control the virus – save lives.

Travelling in the UK continues to be subject to HM Government ‘controls’, check their latest regulations before setting out on any journey. 

DO NOT ATTEND AN EVENT IF: you have had the symptoms of COVID-!9 – high temperature; new and continuous cough; loss or change to the sense of smell or taste. IF a household member has shown these symptoms. IF you are a person that is at particular risk from the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) – a “clinically extremely vulnerable” person.

LEAVE THE EVENT> IF at any time during the meeting you or your crew member feels unwell or is developing symptoms of COVID-19 then you must leave the venue and return home. Send a text to inform the organiser.


You will need to be self-sufficient. Please bring with you – hand sanitizer, anti-bacterial wipes, your own pen or biro, paper or a note pad (for jotting down speeds). Please bring food and drink with you - bottles and disposable cups are the best containers because once empty they can be disposed of at home.

REMEMBER if you have stopped somewhere on the journey you made from home (or the workshop or garage) to the venue, that site may not have maintained good hygiene on surfaces. You could be bringing the virus on yourself, on or in your vehicle, on your machine or on safety clothing and helmets. The virus can be transferred to any surface you may have touched. It is therefore recommended that you wipe down every hard surface that you have touched.

Entry into the venue for each person is by production of a current Straightliners membership card/entry ticket.

Straightliners ‘Club’ Members will be allowed entry to the venue, but   if you have no organisational role what will you be doing, you must fill in track and trace paperwork at signing on. You will need to sign an attendance sheet to ensure that the organisers know who is in the venue and that you have read the information sheet(s).

These ten points summarise key areas of ‘action’.


1/         EVENTS are pre entry only, paid for in advance. Entrance to the facilities will be controlled, Only competitors and their family members, crew or Straightliners members will be allowed onsite. This will continue until further notice. This is to safeguard our security & administrative crews.


2/         SIGNING ON. The caravan usually used for ‘signing on’ will not be open. There will be an envelope with your entry form and signing on form, wristband and race numbers in it to be signed. All signed paperwork to be put in the box at the timing caravan. Anyone with you will also have to put their details on the signing on form for track and trace.  You must do this before scrutineering and before trying to go on track. Do not forget to bring your own pen to the event.  You will be required to produce your race licence at signing on. Failure to do so may result in a fine.


3/         PADDOCK PARKING Please ensure that you leave at least 4 metres between units and vans. Park facing or on the grass edge.  Social distancing will be in force for all individuals attending the event.


4/         CAR TECHNICAL INSPECTION will be carried out in the same way. Our Technical crew members will not go inside the car. The driver must leave their car with the bonnet up so that the scrutineer can do a safety check on the battery. The driver will sign a ‘fit for purpose statement sheet’ and attach it under the windscreen wiper, to be collected by the scrutineer. These will have been be in your envelopes.


5/         TECHNICAL INSPECTION will be carried out in a clearly specified area away from the general paddock. There will be an in gate and an exit gate.  You must take your cleaned machine to this area. All machines must be placed on its stand. You must then step away to a safe distance to allow the Technical Official to carry out the inspection. You will have to wear all your riding gear. The Scrutineer will advise when you can return to remove your machine. Cars must make sure the bonnet is up for the scrutineer to check under.


6/         TOILETS. There will be distinct and clearly marked male and female toilets, where there will be hand sanitizer both outside and inside these units.  The toilets will be disinfected by a member of staff every 30 minutes during daylight hours.  Please respect these facilities and if there are any problems please report them to a member of staff.


7/         CAMPING. Camping is allowed.  [Whilst toilets will remain open there will be no cleaning during night hours].


8/         PAPERWORK. All paperwork must be completed in advance. There will be no on the day entries accepted or club membership available to purchase at events.


STRAIGHTLINERS MEMBERSHIP is available on the web site www.straightliners.events or by contacting Martyn/Helen Greathead to pay by card on 01724 347801. Membership cards allow access to the venue.


8/         BRIEFING. Group gatherings are unlikely at any time, even with social distancing applied.  Communication will be arranged to get the messages to the spread-out paddock.


9/         STARTING. There cannot be any close interaction between the starter and any rider.


Standing half mile or mile - You will race in groups pre-selected by the organisers. These ‘bubbles’ will be maintained during the whole event. Should you have any machine problem then report it to a crew member so that other arrangements can be made. If you miss your group then you will have to wait until the next time that it is called to run.

Drag racing – the organisers may ask you to stay in your pit space when the assembly area becomes crowded or the lines too long. Lane choice too may be controlled by the organisers. To avoid widespread interaction, riders and drivers and crew member may be kept in a class or category groups throughout the meeting. Pairing will need to be completed before the starter calls you forward.  

Read and abide by the warning signs which have been posted at the entrance to the venue, particularly about social distancing.  Listen to Straightliners crew about how and where to position vehicles in the paddock.

Most information during the day will be announced on the tannoy system. There may be other electronic measures used to circulate information. The Organisers will need to be told how to reach you. Any electronic information will have to be assumed to have been received and read.

You will need to be more distant than in previous ‘normal’ years, which may mean more carrying of tools, tyres or safety clothing and equipment (and that all important fire extinguisher perhaps – this is as per ACU handbook and fines can apply if not adhered to).

Cleanliness of the paddock area. Any waste that you generate you should take home with you. Crew members will be at risk if they have to touch anything left behind. Leave your paddock space clean.

Sharing of tools and equipment between entries is to be avoided. 

*The Government believes that ‘Track and Trace’ is the way in which England can control the spread of the virus. The Organisers need to know who has been in the venue, however individuals may need to know who they have met (at an appropriate distance) when in the venue. AVOID being close to or face to face with any of the organisational crew members. Any ‘failure’ within 48 hours (with a person testing positive for the virus)  could mean that in the subsequent ‘Track and Trace’ any contacts could be isolated for 14 days which could mean that following Straightliners events cannot be held.     

UK Government message to England

Stay at home as much as possible to stop coronavirus spreading - here is the latest government guidance. If you think you have the virus, don't go to the GP or hospital, stay indoors and get advice onlineOnly call NHS 111 if you cannot cope with your symptoms at home; your condition gets worse; or your symptoms do not get better after seven days. In parts of Wales where 111 isn't available, call NHS Direct on 0845 46 47. In Scotland, anyone with symptoms is advised to self-isolate for seven days. In Northern Ireland, call your GP.

A copy of the latest up to date risk assessment issued by the ACU relating to the control measures to be put in place to safeguard all personnel against Covid-19 Hazards/Risks at Road Race meetings is attached and it is highly recommended that you make yourselves familiar with the content.

ENQUIRIES AND QUESTIONS. All enquiries or questions please contact Helen/Martyn Greathead on 01724 347801 or 07921 712266 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or Trevor Duckworth on 07971 172210, before the event you wish to enter.



The GDPR, 2018 replaces the Data Protection Act in the United Kingdom. Straightliners Ltd and the management team are based in the United Kingdom and therefore have to respect the laws and legislation in this Country.

Prospective Members and Competitors of Straightliners Ltd are invited to complete a Registration and/or Membership form on which each person is asked to provide their name, a mailing address, a postcode, a full contact telephone number which includes national and area code, an e mail ‘address’, emergency details and relevant medical history/allergies. These are all on a signed form (completed annually) when submitted as a ‘hard’ copy.

On each form the following wording will now be given and a tick box provided to ensure that individuals have read and understood the following statement:

“I agree to my details being stored on the Straightliners Ltd database for use within Straightliners/ACU/NORA92 only. Names and vehicle details will be released on results and records for events. We undertake not to disclose this data to other third parties”.

Registration forms for competitors for under 18 will be stored until the individual reaches the age of 23. All Members and Competitors shall inform Straightliners Ltd of any changes to their personal details during their Membership period”.

The Membership Secretary of Straightliners Ltd maintains a digital excel list and database of all who are Members of Straightliners Ltd, held on a personal computer under their control.

This information is held so that Straightliners Ltd can bring together those with a common interest within the broad field of motorsport activity, to invite them to participate in motorsport activities and to keep anyone who wishes to receive information electronically updated on events.

Membership renewal forms are available on the Straightliners Ltd website www.straightliners.events at anytime, but annual membership expires 31st December each year. Renewal of membership requires the membership to be paid but does not require any additional data provided the data remains the same. . This information is collated and added to the excel spreadsheet and database by the Membership Secretary.

This information ensures that there is continuity in membership to Straightliners Ltd throughout the period membership renewal.

Event Entry forms are available on the Straightliners Website and these invite Members and competitors to pre-enter any Straightliners Ltd’s Events. Completion of a signed form is required from each Competitor.

The information for each event is collated by a designated Membership Secretary on an excel spreadsheet and/or database.

Straightliners Ltd undertakes not to disclose any additional personal information that Straightliners Ltd has been provided with to any third party.

A Club Member may ask what information is held by Straightliners Ltd about them, through a request made to the Membership Secretary – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . An answer will be given within 30 days of the receipt of the request.

Should a Member not be satisfied with the manner in which a query has been dealt with then they can apply to the Data Protection Officer for a review.

The following messages have been provided to all Competitors and Members through the website.

General Data Protection Regulation 2018

Straightliners Ltd holds Membership and Competitor records on computer. The record of each Member and/or Competitor is used by the Straightliners Ltd for its own purposes; for mailing the information regarding future events, by postal mail and by electronic mail. Should you wish to make changes to your preferences and your information held on computer, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Protecting Your data

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018 comes into force in late May, to strengthen data protection for individuals within the UK and Europe.

Straightliners Ltd has never and will never pass on your information to any third party.

Provided you have no questions about the information that the Straightliners Ltd holds about you, which allows us to send details out to you regarding events, there is no further action for you to take.

Any questions about the data you have supplied when joining (or since) can be addressed on-line to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by using the postal address on the website.

Information held by Straightliners Ltd with regard to current Members may be circulated either as a print copy, or a dated electronic copy, to one or several Committee Members. These persons will have specific roles to perform as directed by Straightliners Ltd Chairman. There are at present 16 Committee Members all based within the UK. All have seen this document and have agreed to follow the requirements of the GDPR.

1. The ‘protection’ afforded to the (many) personal computers which hold Members data.

PC’s must be password protected by the owner/user, using letters/characters/numerals as suggested, avoiding those which are widely regarded as ‘unsafe’.

An audit of personal computer protection software being used, make and version, will be conducted each year.

All Spreadsheets are to be encrypted and given a password by the originator. (In Excel use File/Info/Encrypt with password command). Users are to ensure that each and every computer, portable drive, USB sticks or any other storage device is dealt with in this manner.

2. Past equipment and any files folders and spreadsheets of information.

If there have been old or outdated computers used and paper documents printed or copied, will be kept for 5 years, except Juniors whose details must be kept until they turn 23, then these will be confirmed as being destroyed.

3. How we deal with past committee Members and post holders after they leave Straightliners Ltd who may have held Members data.

Former post holders who might have retained Members data will be contacted as soon as practicable. Each will be asked to respond to Straightliners Ltd confirming that any STRAIGHTLINERS LTD Member data has now been deleted from computer hard drives, storage devices and that any and all hard copy information has been shredded.

Whether joining by completing a hard copy application form or by joining through Straightliners Ltd’s website, all prospective Members will in future see the following message:

“I agree to my details being stored on the Straightliners Ltd database for use within Straightliners/ACU/NORA92 only. Names and vehicle details will be released on results and records for events. We undertake not to disclose this data to other third parties”.

Agreement with these statements through ticking the “I agree box on the Membership and/or Registration form” will be a demonstration of a Member positively ‘opting in’ to Straightliners Ltd Privacy Policy, which can be made available on request.


Other important information.

The person responsible for Member communication on any matter to do with data held by Straightliners Ltd is the current Membership Secretary.

No later than 5 years after an individual’s Membership has lapsed, that Members data will be removed from Straightliners Ltd electronic database, unless an earlier date has been requested by the leaving Member.

Oversight of Straightliners Ltd data protection policy and Straightliners Ltd management of data held on its Members will be the responsibility of the Data Protection Lead of Straightliners Ltd who is a designated Committee Member and whose details are published on the website.

This document has been approved by the Straightliners Ltd Chairman and Committee 21st May 2018.