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Pendine Sands

Pendine, Carmarthen

Pendine Sands is 7 miles of firm, flat beach on the south coast of Wales. In the early 1900’s the beach was used for car and motorcycle races.

On 25th September 1924 Malcolm Campbell set a world land speed record of 146.16 mph driving his Sunbeam car Blue Bird at Pendine. In April 1926 Welshman J.G. Parry-Thomas set a new record of 171.02 mph driving his 27 litre car Babs. Campbell increased the record to 174.22 mph in February 1927 driving his second Blue Bird. That record stood until May 2015 when Idris Elba beat it driving a Bentley Continental GT Speed over the Pendine “flying mile” at 180.361 mph.

The MOD acquired Pendine Sands during WWII and used it as a firing range. The beach is still owned by the MOD and public access is restricted.

The first Straightliners event to be run at Pendine was in May 2015 when lots of UKTA records were set over various distances on the beach. Dates for when events can be run at Pendine are dictated by the tides. Fastest motorcycle on the beach is 201.572 mph set by Zef Eisenberg on his 1363cc supercharged Hayabusa in May 2018, and fastest car is 210.332 mph set by Zef in his 4100cc Porche in May 2019.

The Museum of Speed at Pendine closed in 2018 but a new one is currently being constructed and it is due to open in 2021.

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